Praise from our Tea Tribe

I can barely believe the power of my strong tea. My little ones eczema has gotten so much better and he just loves our tea ritual.

Alison F

Our Night Night Tea has done wonders for our bedtime routine and the kids are finally sleeping through the night!

Aliehsa V

I never even knew spearmint tea was different to peppermint, now I know much spearmint helps me focus, my daughter and I can't stop drinking the stuff! Thanks Magic Tea

Lisa M

I am actually stunned at how powerful your night night tea is for my 2 year old. Thank you for introducing me.

Anna H


The right herbal tea can be just as useful for improving one’s health as any other natural treatment out there.

Magic Tea is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to help keep us strong and healthy.

Teas have been used for 1000's of years, to soothe all sorts of families ailments including cold & flu, cough, sore throats, sore tummy, sleeplessness, fever, to name a few. Perfect for the entire crew.

Want to know more? Read about each teas magical powers.

Teas Magic Powers

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