5 Great Reasons to buy Quality Tea

5 Great Reasons to buy Quality Tea

5 Great Reasons to buy Quality Tea

Cheap Tea versus Quali-TEA

I am not tea connoisseur, but I can easily tell the difference between a cheap tea and a quality one. It's all about the flavour, and it is so easy to tell when you taste them side by side. Try it yourself, do the cheap tea versus quality tea taste test! I love doing taste tests at my markets as people straight away can tell which tea is mine.

My Magic Tea is full of flavour, the aroma from each tea can be smelt from far, and you can even still smell it on someones breath for up to 10 minutes after they finish a cup! Cheap tea is obviously cheaper, but it is also not as powerful when it comes to health benefits. My advice is always, spend the money and get quality tea. And here are my 5 reasons why you should always buying quality tea.

      1. The taste - as mentioned above, quality tea has the most amazing taste that can linger in your mouth and make you want more.
      2. The aroma - an outstanding tea will give off the most wonderfully refreshing smell, which inspires the body and mind. Cheap teas have a very faint smell that won't ignite your senses at all. 
      3. The colour - if you look at the colour of my magic teas when brewed, they are truly magical. A cheap tea will look a bit like dirty dish water, not very appealing. 
      4. The look - cheap tea is generally broken down into tiny particles that is generally mixed with stalks and other parts of the plant that do not give the most benefits. Magic Tea is kept is its most finest form to ensure quality and maximum health benefits. 
      5. Health benefits - High quality teas contain a higher level of antioxidants vs. the lower quality, finely broken tea leaves or the dust type in tea bags. To obtain maximum health benefits, make sure to use only premium, loose-leaf tea. Moreover, it can be re-infused several times!

So there you have 5 super simple reasons why quality tea, MAGIC TEA, is so much better for you than some other cheaper brands. We do our absolute best top find the highest quality teas we can so that you get the maximum benefits for all of your family. 

Drink up!

Love, The Magic Tea Family x

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