Homemade Christmas Tea

Homemade Christmas Tea

Homemade Christmas Tea

Here at Magic Tea Headquarters we love tea and we LOVE Christmas! When you put them together you get a really yummy tea that is not only full of flavour to drink but also a great gift for Christmas. Simply put it into a cute jar and tie a Christmas ribbon around the top. You can gift the tea alone or pair it up with a beautiful mug or tea diffuser. 

This is a very simple recipe and won't take too much time at all. The kids love this as an activity as they feel that they are helping, creating and learning. Plus we all love the aroma it gives as we blend the teas by hand. Well and truly hand made :) 

Christmas Tea Blend Ingredients

  • 100g Black tea 
  • 25g Hibiscus tea (strong tea) or flowers for a beautiful red colour
  • 25g Peppermint tea (superhero tea) adds a minty pop and great scent
  • 15g cinnamon chips and 3g whole cloves
  • 10g orange peel chips - this adds a very subtle citrus note

As with any recipe be sure to try it before you pack and seal it! We hope you enjoy the Christmassy smell and taste!



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