How to Make Incense with Tea Leaves

How to Make Incense with Tea Leaves

How to Make Incense with Tea Leaves

We love tea and we love sharing all the amazing ways that tea can be used. Recently I started using tea leaves in my oil diffuser and the smell is just divine. Another awesome way to use your tea leaves is to burn them. Not literally, although you can do that in a fire proof bowl, but they would burn quite quickly. 

You can make your own incense with fresh tea leaves, and we are all over this one as I am a huge lover of yummy natural smells. Tea leaves can be used to create  custom incense. In addition to tea leaves, you can add herbs, flowers, and spices. You can create loose incense or shaped incense such as cones or sticks. We will be making incense cones if you follow our steps below. 

Get your 3 simple ingredients to get started:

1. Tea - pick a tea that you love the smell of. Any of the Magic Teas have a beautiful aroma and are all 100% organic, therefore perfectly safe to use for this. 

2. Binding agent - can be resin or botanical gum

3. Oil or water

1. Grind Your Tea Leaves into a Powder

To evenly burn and access the aromatic compounds within your tea leaves, you’ll need to thoroughly grind the tea leaves into a relatively fine powder.

The best way to do this is to use a mortar and pestle.

2. Mix the Ground Tea with Your Binding Agent

The next step in making your tea incense will be to add a binding agent, which can often be a plant gum or resin.

Only a small amount of binding agent is necessary to hold your incense mixture together. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your mixture should be made up of about 80% aromatics, which in this case would be your ground tea blend, the other 20% of the mixture made in this step would be made up of your binding agent.

3. Slowly Add Water to Your Mixture

Now that you have the basic incense powder mixture, it’s time to add moisture. When you add water, you want to produce a mouldable, clay-like material.

Be sure to continuously mix the powder and water as you add it, as this will make it easier to ensure an even distribution of all the material in the final incense mixture. The right consistency, which should be similar to Play-doh, you’ll be ready for the next step. 

4. Form Your Incense Mixture into Your Desired Shape

If you plan on making either incense cones or sticks, this step is where you’ll form the clay-like mixture into the appropriate shape. Forming the cones is simple enough, and it’s just a matter of taking the right amount of the mixture and pinching and rolling it into a small cone.

5. Prepare Your Incense for Drying

After you’ve moulded your desired shape, your incense cones or sticks will need to dry to ensure that they burn properly, as any leftover moisture will slow down or prevent burning.

A great way to ensure that any moisture is completely evaporated is to leave the incense cones or sticks on wax paper or drying rack (for incense sticks) and rotate them after 6 to 12 hours, depending on how long the overall drying process takes.


Once your cone is dry then you are ready to burn your own home made incense. It is a process, but worth a go if you like DIY. 

Check out instagram for our video step by step guide. 


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