About Us

Meet the Magic TeA Family

Our favourite thing to do together is drink tea! We drink tea for fun, for calming down, for cheering up, for bedtime, for morning time. We drink it when we have a sore tummy, a fever, a cough or a cold. We drink tea for family time, for party time and we drink tea for its amazing health benefits. We drink tea because it is how we come together. If anyone is feeling sad, sick or lonely, we all know that teatime will make us feel better. It’s a beautiful ritual that we all share and we all know where to come when we need love.

Why I created Magic TeA

There are so many reasons.

Mainly, becasue of its super benefits.

I always knew that herbal tea is packed full of nutrients. I never really looked much further onto until I became a parent. My kids don't love eating food that is good for them, I am sure many parents can relate! When I started researching herbal tea and the nutritional value, I was hooked.

I want all parents to know how great for their families health this tea can be. My kids love all kinds of tea, we have it hot, cold, warm, we have it every day across all meals. You can be adding so much goodness into your families diet with these Magic Teas.

I also wanted Mums to take a moment from the crazy ride that is motherhood and sit back and enjoy a cup of Magic TeA. Either alone or with the kids.

All of our Magic TeAs are 100% organic and caffeine free, making them perfect for the whole family, even your dog to consume.

Why we drink so much TeA

Many people have no idea about the power of tea. Tea has the power to fight off colds and flu, banish fatigue, beat depression, enhance memory, to name a few!“ In a lot of ways, we might get more benefit from a good organic tea than from a vitamin pill. You’re getting the benefits of hydration. There’s the social element: Tea is something that you can share with people. And when you’re drinking herbal tea, you get aromatherapy at the same time, and that’s something you don’t get from a tablet!” says herbalist Marianne Beacon of Elderberry Herbals in Peterborough, Ont.