Glitter Tea | Pink Flower

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Just when you thought tea couldn't get any better, along comes Magical Glitter Tea.

We have added a secret ingredient, 100% edible and drinkable glitter. This tea-licous tea is an absolute show stopper that every single kid, and parent will go crazy for. 

The Magical Pink Flower Tea is a yummy flavour made with 100% elderflower leaves. You still get the magical powers of this great quality tea, all served with sparkles. It really is good enough for any unicorn tea lover!

Magic Tea is made to create magical tea moments with your family. What better way to an extra layer of awesomeness to that magical moment, than with real life edible glitter ✨ Sit back, relax and feel our yummy elderflower tea sparkle all the way into your tummy. Elderflower tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, plus so much more!

Everything about our Tea is MAgiC! Made for brewing, baking, burning, bathing, sipping, dipping, glistening, healing, sharing and nurturing 🙌🏼

Disclaimer: Tea colour may vary depending on various factors. 

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