Magic TeA Roll on

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Made with real tea leaves, essential oils and apricot kernel oil, these Magic TeA roll ons are the perfect buddy for so many situations. 

When essential oils are applied to the skin they are absorbed and travel around the body via the bloodstream. In this way, they are able to deliver a range of benefits to the body's systems and organs. Absorption is increased by massage, as this increases the circulation in that area of the body.

Little Beauty Roll On | a yummy blend of orange and ginger which is great for stress relief, calming anxiety, tummy upsets, can help with acne and can ease a headache. 

Peppermint + Clove Roll On | This is my favourite one to sniff all day long. It can be used as an insect repellant, it is so great for easing headache pain, good for stress relief and a supernatural pick me up!